Fittings, valve packing material, lubricants, Injectors and so much more.
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Hobby Supplies for the skilled craftsman, model engineer or modeler
Steam cylinder oil, slide and journal oil are just a few items onshelf. Lighter oils are used for ease of flow and pumping.
Mechanical lubricators, Injectors, feed water screens, and all the fittings you require. Grand Scale 3 3/4" drawings on shelf for your construction or kit-bashing needs or for the arm chair model engineer.
Livesteamsupplies eStore is always being updated and will have more items added at a future date very soon.
Push buttons for payment will be added in the near future for your covenience.
The Injectors are only $75.00 each plus S & H and Sales Tax where applicable. Number 2 through 6 are carried in both vertical and horizontal styles. Steam cylinder and slide and journal oil is now $8.00 a bottle. Couplers as well as trucks for 1" scale as well as 1 1/2" scale are carried on shelf.



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