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We carry a number of thread cutting products and cutting fluids in spray or bottle for easy application. Always use the proper cutting fluids to protect your tooling and your work. Price ranges on our common taps and dies we carry are from $6.00 to $38.00
MTP Model Taper Pipe,
ME Model Engineering this is the UK Standard Straight Thread. We also carry BSP for your special projects.
Hard to find taps or dies please contact us as special orders are accepted. Please be patient as it takes time to obtain some items on shelf. Metric and English style taps are regular features we carry.
Threading Supplies
3/16" and 1/4" 40 Tpi are offered in ME Straight and Tapered threads for your use.
5/16" and 1/8" 27 Tpi are offered in standard pipe as others sizes are special order.
Many other sizes are available so please contact us with the specific sizes you need.


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tap and die set 1/4" 40 tpi me
Tap and Die Set 3/16 40 Tpi ME

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