Packing material, cutting fluids, way and journal oils, steam cylinder oil, adhesives and much more. Lubricators mechanical and displacement are carried in several sizes. A full line of injectors from table top to grand scale are supplied for your choice. Oil and Lpg gas burners are a stocked item. You will find quality made products manufactured from home to abroad. The high quality products carried to meet your needs. Check back often for specials.
Hobby and ME Supplies
A full line of Pressure Relief Valves are to be had from non code to code vales which are offered. From 1/8" to 1" Standard Pipe. We also have the 5/16" Prvs for G scale and table top projects. The hobbyist to the model engineer will find the quality valve needed in our catalog. A full line to choose from to meet your specific needs along with quality.
Pressure Relief Valves
The ranges of valves supplied are, globe, angle, straight, ball valves in sizes from 3/16" ME up to 1" Standard for the Model Engineer or Hobbyist. We carry ME threads in Taper as well as ME straight threads. Water gauges in a range of sizes. Check valves angle and straight are also supplied. Standard pipe threads for fittings are also carried. Hard to find items requests are welcome, please be specific.
Standard Valves

We carry a full line of valves, fittings and supplies to support your project

Easily adapted and installed sound systems from G scale to Grand Scale are part of our regular line.
Steam and air valves are carried for whistles and other applications and styles. A full line are carried from 1/4" 40 Tpi to 1" standard pipe. Scale whistles are in stock.
Test strips for Ph, disssolved iron, copper, hardness are stocked on shelf to meet your specific needs. If you need a specific test strip please ask.
Sound Systems


Whistle Valves
Test Strips