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The Maxitrak Owners Club
From the Maxitraks Owners Club Page, "The club has no official ties with Maxitrak, however we do enjoy a close and harmonious relationship with the team at the factory, which brings tangible benefits to all.

If you have ever, do now, or are going to own any type of Maxitrak product, you are most welcome to join the club and enjoy the kindred spirit of many other owners. It matters not whether your interests are in road traction engines ( the large 3" scale Aveling & Porters or the smaller 1" (sometimes 1-1/8") scale Burrells) or on the rails (the humble Ruston, scale Warship or massive 7-1/4" Little Joe). Our aim is to bring together all those people who are interested in any aspect of Maxitrak models, either road or rail and to provide facilities for events, subject to the demand within the Club."
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From the Maxitrak Owners Club site, "The aims of the club are to foster comradeship between members and a feeling of belonging, no matter where you live or what you run! We have an international membership with members through continental Europe and the USA, as well as here in the UK.

To foster these aims, we arrange occasional rallies and keep members abreast of developments, rallies and meetings by means of a quarterly magazine called the Road 'n' Rail."

Owners Circle

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