Steam Trials on Boiler Magic
The Real Deal
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This product has been tested on actual working live steam locomotives for several years with an outstanding clean boiler that even includes copper tubes. This product has the ability to hold solids in suspension and passifcation of boiler metal. Remember to continually blow down during the run to keep suspended solids under control. A quarterly boiler washing and inspection is also recommended. This product contains No Hazardous chemicals or Acid Based Products that will harm the Operator or children riding on your train. Remember that an acid based product will result in a high salt content in the boiler water and cause carry over from the boiler that will cover the whole train. We have seen this happen on more than one occasion as well. Always choose the safest and most reliable water treatment that you can.
This product is made in the US of A
Happy Steaming!
Non Hazardous
Non Hazardous