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Publication Specials for Live Steam
The Model Injector
By Ted Crawford
Offered here is the theory, principles of design and details for making your own miniature live steam injector. This is THE best injector construction handbook for model engineers! The construction of a miniature live steam injector has long been a project that many live steam modelers avoid, usually due to lack of confidence, intimidating factors, or understanding the principles involved in making one's own injector. This handbook, written by a renowned expert in the field, explains the principles and then takes the reader through the various stages of putting the knowledge acquired into practical use. The handbook is divided into two parts:
Part I
Covers in considerable detail, the theory of the live steam injectors and explains how they work. It further ventures into the principles of design and the some of the mathematics involved.
Part II
Shows how the reader can build a successful miniature live steam injector based on any proven design. There are detailed sections on building the various components such as the cones which tend to confuse most people. To remedy, there are full instructions included on making some of the equipment needed, like cone reamers.
In part, this is a very useful handbook to own for the mere fact that injectors in all sizes are hard to obtain and afford when relying on manufacturers to produce them for you. By following the instructions, detailed drawings and diagrams included, you can build a working miniature live steam injector!
Injector manufacturers are an expensive alternative to this book whereby you can build it yourself... for less.
New, 62 pages, 6 X 9 Softcover Handbook. This book is $22.00 and Free Shipping in the U.S. for this title.
The Model Injector Book